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Happy Royai Day!

Dear Royai shippers, Happy Royai Day!
Let's celebrate all the Roy & Riza moments in the past, present and future!

What is Royai?
Royai is the love between two awesome Fullmetal Alchemist characters - Colonel Roy Mustang and First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye. 'Ai' (愛) means love in Japanese. So Roy+Hawkeye+Ai = Royai. (Note the pun. Clever, eh?)

Why is Royai Day on June 11?
No one really knows why. It originated in Japan some years back, and forum discussions have led to several possible speculations:
  • June 11 may have been the date a Fullmetal Alchemist chapter (which featured a significant Royai moment) was released.
  • The numbers 611 could have held major significance to Mustang and Hawkeye's relationship in the story line (e.g. Ishbal war event dates, room numbers, etc.).
  • Did you know that EdWin Day (503) is on May 3? Why? There's actually a very interesting story behind this...

    There is a brand of jeans called "Edwin". And a big part of their logo is the number 503. Arakawa, the artist/writer/creator of FMA, seems to know that brand. She also knows that the fans' name for the Ed x Winry couple is EdWin. There's this part in the manga where Ed, Al and Winry are all staying at a hotel and the number for Winry's room is... 503! So that's the couple's official number now. Fans everywhere now celebrate it on May 3rd or 5/03.  

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  • Did you know that RoyEd's official number is 520 (a.k.a. RE:520)? No surprises there if you've read/watched FMA and know about the 520 cenz promise. Apparently, Ed had borrowed 520 cenz from Roy and was about to pay him back, but decided against it, instead promising to pay him back after Roy obtains his goal. Edward added that even after he pays Roy back, he would keep borrowing more money from him, which is Ed's way of saying, "Don't die."


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Royai History 101
Roy & Riza have known each other almost their whole lives and share a relationship that spans across multiple domains - the father's apprentice and his daughter, war comrades, superior-subordinate, etc. They pretty much know each other inside-out and share secret codes/signals.

Disclaimer: The following information is from Royai Manga Moments (up to chapter 94) by selenityshiroi and

 << Warning: Spoilers from manga and FMA Brotherhood and shameless spamming ahead. >>
  • Chapter 25: General Grumman asks Roy to marry his granddaughter. This would not be significant if Arakawa didn't reveal, in an interview, that General Grumman is Riza's maternal Grandfather (and therefore, they don't bear the same surname)! (Note that Roy's response is 'You're jumping the gun' not 'No'!) The kinship between Grumman and Lt. Hawkeye (Riza) is not declared at any point during the course of the manga, but it is also stated in the Perfect Guidebook 2. It's unclear whether Riza is aware of this kinship, since she states she doesn't know about any relatives (to Mustang, in Chapter 60 of the manga), but it's implied that Grumman is aware; he tells Mustang that "what would really make me happy would be if you took my granddaughter as your First Lady." Whether Mustang is aware that this granddaughter is his own right-hand subordinate is also unclear and the subject of considerable speculation.
  • Chapter 57: Riza has a tattoo on her back featuring Roy's alchemy array.
  • Chapter 58: Roy's alchemy teacher was Riza's father. Note that Roy calls young Riza by her first name as her father dies.
  • Chapter 60: Roy helped Riza prepare her father's funeral and worried about what she'll do. He gave her a contact card for Military HQ in case she wanted to get in contact (since he'll be in the military 'for life'). She asked him not to get killed. Roy talked about his dreams of helping people and she was enthralled with his ideas. She offers to 'trust her back to his dreams'. It is revealed that Riza is the source of Roy's Flame Alchemy, because she had shown him the secret flame alchemy tattoo on her back, which held her father's entire research of flame alchemy. They continue, throughout the Ishbal Campaign and beyond, to share a mutual guilt over what he did there.
  • Chapter 59: Young Riza joined the military and was trained as a sniper. Later on, she protected Roy in Ishbal. When they finally meet again, he was horrified to see her in a battlezone.
  • Chapter 61: Riza asked Roy to burn her back and make the array illegible so that no one can learn the secret to flame alchemy, much to his horror. But he reluctantly agreed due to their guilt.
  • Roy appointed Riza as his assistant. He entrusted her with the duty to 'watch his back' and asked her to promise to shoot him if he ever steps away from the line.
But Royai isn't canon...

True, but according to Hiromu Arakawa, they can't get married strictly due to military regulations. (Spoilers: you have been warned. More info here.) See, even the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist supports Royai!

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I knew it. Royai is set in stone.
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